Creating your event to accept online reservations is an easy process.

First, select the type of ESVP service and enter information about the event in the pages that follow. Once you submit the form, we will post your event page (2-3 business days) or ticketed credit card page (5 business days) and you will be ready to accept online reservations. Please see the fee and date schedule for further information. You will be able to edit the text once we activate the event so if you notice that you have made errors in time or location, you can email us and we will correct it for you.

If you have any questions before you begin, please call us at 213-740-6786 to better assist you.

What type of ESVP service are you looking for?

Online RSVP only - $125*
Online with Telephone RSVP option - $ 250*
ESVP with credit card transactions - $350 + transaction fees (4%)*
ESVP with international credit cards - $450 + transaction fees (4%)*

* Additional charge for 501+ transactions ($0.15 per transaction over 500)
* Please note that detailed customization of your ESVP will result in an additional fee.