USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events


The following event management tools will assist you whether you are planning an event on your own, or you are working with our office.  We hope these documents will serve as a guide for the planning process at USC.


President Requst Forms

President's Calendar Request Form
President's Meeting Memorandum Form


NOTE: For president's requests for events please print this form and submit to your Senior Vice President with a memo signed by the Dean requesting the President's attendance. For meetings, and briefings please send the forms to Sarah Bullock at the president's office.


Provost request forms

Provost’s Speech Info Form


NOTE: For provost's requests for events, meetings, and briefings please contact the provost's office.




USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events - Phone: 213-740-6786 - Fax: 213-740-5934
RSVP Line: 213-740-1744








  • Free your office from processing invitation responses by hand
  • Monitor your acceptance count
  • Get a more accurate count for your guarantees
  • Download your guest check-in lists
  • Save email and phone numbers of your respondents for future use
  • We can also serve as your RSVP phone center

For more information please see our pricing and guidelines.