At the Office of Cultural Relations and University Events, we take great pride in the exceptional and diverse work that is done in the many schools and departments throughout the university. Our office is a client service department which provides a centralized standard of excellence, quality and protocol to the USC family.

Our key role is to create and maintain the university standards and protocols. We support our clients through events on the University Park Campus, Health Sciences Campus and all International Offices. Our support varies from a seasoned event producer who assists his or her client with full management, which includes the design, production and management of development-based events, to giving advice about the program during an event, to simply providing collateral materials or staff for check-in.

For clients who need assistance with check-in, we have eighty student staff members on our team. Each is trained to handle any check-in for any event. These same students also assist with invitation mailings which can range from a few hundred invitations to 2,500 invitations. To oversee office operations, we have an event services manager on staff who is responsible for maintaining and enforcing protocols as well as managing our student staff.

Many clients take advantage of our RSVP system. Our complete reservation center is equipped with the capability to not only accept responses via phone, mail or fax, but also electronically, and this we’ve termed ESVP. The basic function of the ESVP system is to take guests' names, phone numbers, email addresses and to send confirmations. It can also be tailored to enable more complex RSVPs, such as conference registrations and ticketed events. This system allows the respondents a secure portal for financial transactions.

Our office also provides university collateral materials along with templates to ensure that all events on campus have a uniform look and feel. The collateral includes place cards, nametags, signage and administrative documents such as event bibles, responsibility memos and budgets. We provide many services to aid the success of each event at USC because we are dedicated to serving our schools and devoted to promoting USC.

Please contact us at our staff directory.