USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events


The Office of Cultural Relations and University Events’ Mailing Center is a very cost-effective way to send mailings.  We can send mailings of up to 2500 envelopes. We also utilize proper addressing protocol to ensure that your mailings look their best.  Please click here for a sample excel spreadsheet showing the necessary information we will need to process your mailing list. See Printing Services and Event Supplies for additional information.

Minimum Time Required for Processing

- Please allow 10 business day for a full mailing (including invitation design) to be ready

- Please allow one week for a mailing (addressing, stuffing, stamping, sealing envelopes) to be ready

Mailing (Cost per unit)


Addressing Envelopes - wax printed

 $ 0.52

Invitations - Labeling

 $ 0.12

Invitations - Stuffing

 $ 0.12

Invitations - Sealing

 $ 0.09

Invitations - Stamping

 $ 0.09

Stuffing of invitations exceeding 4 pieces (charge per additional piece)

 $ 0.07

List Management and Cleaning (per hour)

 $ 50.00/hr

Invitation design

 $ 45.00

Electronic version of invitation

 $ 20.00


Please contact Jan Thompson for further information. 

USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events - Office: 213-740-6786, Reservations: 213-740-1744



  • Free your office from processing invitation responses by hand
  • Monitor your acceptance count
  • Get a more accurate count for your guarantees
  • Download your guest check-in lists
  • Save email and phone numbers of your respondents for future use
  • We can also serve as your RSVP phone center

For more information please see our pricing and guidelines.