USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events


The following event management tools will assist you whether you are planning an event on your own, or you are working with our office.  We hope these documents will serve as a guide for the planning process at USC.


Event Permits (permit application: click here)
The Office of Fire Safety and Emergency Planning has created an online Event Permit.  Whether you are working with the Office of Cultural Relations and Events or planning the event on your own, your first step should be to fill out this permit.  Once the permit is submitted, it is copied to all the major offices on campus including Fire Safety, Department of Public Safety, Trojan Transportation and Facilities Management Services.  These organizations will then call to follow up on any needs you might have regarding the event. 

Pre-Event Check List (download: Word | PDF)
During the first consultation, the assigned event manager will go through the pre-event check list.  This document was created to prompt discussion of important details during the planning process.  From the pre-event check list, a Responsibility Memo is created.  This memo indicates the details discussed during the first planning meeting and sets expectations from our office and the client’s office.


Event Budget (download: Excel)

After the first consultation, along with the responsibility memo and timeline, the event manager will provide a budget estimate for the event. As a client, you will be asked to review and sign it.

Event Planning Contacts
Below are important event planning contacts for the University Park Campus.

Event Permits
Jeff Pendley
Fire Safety/Emergency Planning
Phone (213) 740-5527


Trojan Transportation
620 West 35th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Customer Service: 213-740-3575


Facilities Management Services
Barbara Sussoev
Phone 213-740-3361


Department of Public Safety

Lt. Mark Cervenak

Guadalupe Torres-Soria



USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events - Phone: 213-740-6786 - Fax: 213-740-5934
RSVP Line: 213-740-1744










  • Free your office from processing invitation responses by hand
  • Monitor your acceptance count
  • Get a more accurate count for your guarantees
  • Download your guest check-in lists
  • Save email and phone numbers of your respondents for future use
  • We can also serve as your RSVP phone center

For more information please see our pricing and guidelines.