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Online Tutorials LIbrary


Detail addressing standards 101

This tutorial acts as a great refresher for both office and development personnel. It will answer common questions on abbreviations, initials, zip codes and salutations.

Run time 6:28 min


How to correctly address mail

This short tutorial will guide you through three scenarios that we commonly experience on a daily basis here in the office. The three examples show common errors for campus mail, domestic mail and international mail.

Run time 3:46 min


USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events - Phone: 213-740-6786 - Fax: 213-740-5934
RSVP Line: 213-740-1744



  • Free your office from processing invitation responses by hand
  • Monitor your acceptance count
  • Get a more accurate count for your guarantees
  • Download your guest check-in lists
  • Save email and phone numbers of your respondents for future use
  • We can also serve as your RSVP phone center

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